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Cornwall Wall Insulation Limited, your local external wall insulation specialists and approved Green Deal Installer.

Why External Wall Insulation?

Benefits of External Wall insulation:
With external wall insulation you will benefit from:
  • Improving thermal efficiency by minimising heat loss
  • Revitalised appearance of your home with a weather proof and durable façade
  • No internal living space is lost and there is minimal disruption to the household
  • Elimination of the risk of condensation within the wall structure and thermal bridging.
  • Reduced sound transmission

Improves Efficiency

External Wall Insulation is an effective way of improving your homes energy efficiency creating a warm living environment. It is suitable for most types of homes but particularly for:

  • Single block or solid wall construction
  • Homes prone to damp and cold wall
  • Or where cavity wall insulation is not appropriate


For more information on the types of external wall insulation and our services please see our products page

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The Green Deal

Cornwall Wall Insulation Ltd is now an approved Green Deal Installer for external wall insulation systems.

Follow this link to understand more about the Green Deal, how it works and whether it is right for you.

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